2018 New Employee Essentials Pack

New Product Pack!

Our contains 10 copies each of nine important forms that employers need for new employees.

2018 Federal W-4 Form
The Federal W-4 Form is updated EACH year, and employers are required to supply the current year's form for ALL new employees to complete. The W-4 form tells you how many withholding allowances to use when you deduct Federal income tax from the employees' pay.

Federal I-9 Form
All new employees are required to complete this form, including U.S. citizens. This form confirms the identity of an employee and that they can legally work in the United States.

New Employee Data Collection Sheet
This form will assist you in filling out the Federal Form EEO-1 and Federal Form VETS-100.

Direct Deposit Authorization Form
This form provides a written agreement between the employer and the employee that the employee wishes to receive payment through direct deposit.

HIPAA Employee Authorization Form
This form fulfills your legal obligation to get an employee's express permission to release medical information.

Employee Document Log
This 2-sided form allows you to keep track of important information about each of your employees, including personal contact, emergency contact, hiring, payroll, benefits and separation information, performance reviews and policies.

Confidential Employee Medical Records Log
This 2-sided form keeps all medical-related information in one place, such as medical absences, safety and accident information, HIPAA forms and FMLA forms.

2018 Attendance Calendar
Track your new employees' attendance with the 2018 Attendance Calendar. Flip the form over and you'll find plenty of space for your comments and a monthly days earned/days used tracker.

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