Smoking Cessation Brochure Pack

The Smoking Cessation brochure puts a wealth of knowledge at your employees' finger tips they can use on a daily basis. The brochure provides actionable, practical tactics smokers can use to prepare to quit, quit for good, and recover if a relapse would occur.

The brochure also explores excuses and realities of why smokers find it difficult to kick the habit, as well as the toxic chemicals found in smoking tobacco. And as the economy gets tight and costs begin the rise, so will the price of smoking products. The brochure outlines the costs of smoking for 1 pack-, 2 pack-, and 3 pack-a-day smokers.

Smoking Cessation: Think. Act. Smoke-free is a smart start to helping employees reach for healthier choices when the temptation to smoke arises.

Each pack contains 25 individual smoking cessation brochures.

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