Employee Wellness Interest Survey

Based on a survey of 1,035 businesses conducted by PBC, 45.5% of businesses currently have a wellness program. Another 37.4% want to start a wellness program. Which percentage does your company fall within?

The Employee Wellness Interest Survey helps companies uncover the current health habits of their workforce. The survey identifies trends of addicting habits, diet, and physical fitness, and probes for potential future habits. This survey will also expose the topics your employees want to learn more about such as smoking cessation, stress management, physical activity, and other important health issues. You'll also gain an understanding of what your employees are looking for in a wellness program and what you as an employer should focus on.

Research has shown that by maintaining a well-informed and health-conscience workforce, companies can increase productivity and reduce injuries and illnesses.

Taking action today is a step in the right direction to improve the wellness of your employees.

With each pack of 50 surveys, you'll also receive a complimentary tally sheet and activity suggestions to use in your very own wellness program.

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