Stay Safe Poster Pack

In a modern workplace, your employees can get injured in numerous ways, and supervisors cannot look out for them every moment of the day. Your workers may forget a critical safety step, take a dangerous short cut or simply not understand a risky situation. The results can mean serious injury or even death for your employees.

The Stay Safe Poster Pack serves as a daily reinforcement of your safety message to your workers. Not only do the posters remind them of the importance of safety procedures, but they also reiterate every vital step that needs to be followed for a safe working environment.

The Stay Safe Poster Pack contains one of each of the following posters:

Lockout/Tagout Safety
This poster reminds workers of the importance of locking and tagging machinery and walks them through the critical steps of the lockout/tagout procedure.

Forklift Safety
Proper maintenance and operation of forklifts is vital to the safety of the driver and pedestrians, and this poster provides a checklist to ensure a safer working environment.

Slip and Trip Prevention
Workplace hazards due to slippery floors or obstructions are often invisible until someone gets seriously hurt. This poster will help your workers spot and correct hazards before any injuries occur.

Fall Prevention
Falls from scaffolds and ladders make up a large percentage of injuries and deaths in the workplace. The Fall Prevention Poster will make your workers more aware of the fall hazards that are present and able to work more safely.

Back Safety
In spite of all of the publicity in recent years, back injuries still occur regularly because workers lift improperly. The poster emphasizes the need for safe lifting techniques and gives tips for general back care.

Each poster is laminated and measure 14 inches wide by 20 inches long.

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